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Spalding Economic Development Group

Our Core Areas of Focus

Spalding Economic Development Group (SEDG) will create economic development through the following four core areas of focus. 

Business Retention & Expansion

Keeping business in Spalding is a top priority. SEDG will provide assistance to current and future businesses through our network of resources.

Spalding Promotion

It's time for everyone, far and wide, to hear about the great things that are happening in Spalding. Through our Spalding Promotion initiative, we will help businesses and organizations spread the word on what they're offering.

Downtown Revitalization

Spalding's downtown is bustling with business throughout the week! It is our goal to give Main Street a facelift while encouraging more businesses to open store fronts.


Affordable housing shortages are common all throughout Nebraska. We are developing a plan to create affordable housing in Spalding.

Spalding Nebraska


To ensure Spalding’s economy continues to grow and our community is prosperous for decades to come.

Why is an economic development organization important for Spalding?

Rural communities grow according to the goals that are pursued by their stakeholders. These goals are the components of an economic development plan, which makes having economic development essential to the future of rural communities. Economic development is the most important component of a rural community’s future. 

Economic development plans, when executed, lay the groundwork for increased prosperity and quality of life. An economic development plan in Spalding will align the strengths of our town with its potential for new business, essentially finding voids in what our town has to offer and filling them.

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